About Channel 716

Channel 716 provides local news and original content from talent made in, and around, Western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania.

Located in the heart of Jamestown, NY, home of Lucille Ball, we know the potential that exists in our area. It is untapped, lying beneath the surface, waiting to be discovered. We are taking a shovel and digging.

Our mission is to raise up and help those in our community by shining a light and giving them an audience.

But that doesn’t mean that we’ll be ignoring everything that’s already been established and is prosperous as we celebrate our community. This area has a rich history and culture, and we want to make sure that we are remembering the past as we look to the future.

Overall, we want to not only make quality local content, but also help the community in doing so. It is our hope that you will help us achieve that goal.